I designed this face covering for pet groomers, construction workers, metalsmiths & trades people who work “solo” or distanced from work mates. This face covering filters out 99.9% of dust particles and contaminants... the breathing valves allow your hot air to escape, keeping you cool all day long!!

(Not ideal for working/walking in close proximity with others, as the breathing valves are an outlet for your own moisture droplets... this mask will protect you 99.9% but will not protect others you come in contact with)

Two layers of 100% cotton AND one layer of highly efficient permanent non-woven filtering media built into the middle layer. Superior design giving you full coverage, form fitting nose wire, adjustable elasticized ear loops, complete with 2 breathing valves. Protecting you from liquid mist, droplet transmission, dust, allergens, post combustion particles, shavings, biologics, odours, scents, mold, mold spores, particles in wildfire smoke, volcanic pollution and other airborne contaminants. Although my face covering is not certified by Niosh I’ve run this design through some rigorous testing and it’s been proven to be 99.9% effective.


“Original” - most ladies & small men

“Husky” - 200lbs+

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