• karissachow


Updated: May 16

Due to the need in this current world we live in, on April 1st I decided that I needed use my sewing talent to help flatten the curve of COVID19. I designed a mask that is both stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day long! The Grey Ox COMBAT mask provides high coverage with form fitting nose/

cheek wire, inner lining with filter pocket, long ties that you can either tie around the back of your head/neck OR make handy ear loops with. By not using elastic for ear loops, the the ties are a 100% custom fit, you won’t have tight nagging elastic pulling on your ears. Option to add a filter in the pocket. (filters are single use only) Do your own research to decide what type of filter you would like to use. There are 4 Sizes to choose from, “the HUSKY” 220lbs+, “the ORIGINAL” fits most, “the TWEEN” youth, “the MINI” toddler. The price of the COMBAT mask is $25 each.

*disclaimer * COMBAT masks are not FDA/CSA approved, but they are a viable alternative.


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